4 ways to tell you are still alive!

This article is a life test hack.

I will tell you several ways to confirm that you are still alive and kicking.

Let’s start with the basic test, but you will have to promise that you will read it till the end, I don’t like people with commitment issues.

But you seem nice, so I will move on, without getting it in written from you.

Proof 01: If you are reading this article and are able to curse me for stating such an evident fact, then you are alive my friend, because i have never seen a dead man get angry or frustrated on someone else’s stupidity.

and just to make it clear, i am not stupid, i just helped you prove that you are still not dead.

Moving on…

Proof 02: Do you feel envious of others success, or wish that you had a better life than this. If the answer is yes, you now the drill — you are not dead yet.

The mere fact that you are wishing for a better life proves that you are far from being dead, it might be that you are living too much instead, you need to let go of certain things in life, be more peaceful and content — that’s the path that leads to nirvana my friend, and nirvana comes free with a death certificate.

Let’s move on to a difficult test, for this test you will actually have to do a test.

Proof 03: Now do as i say! Lift you right hand up in the air, clench you fist in a way that only the middle finger is raised and erect, now bring that middle finger closer to your face, below you nose, and try to feel the air flow there, can you feel it? i bet you can!

Now since you did not follow any of the above instructions and simply kept reading on, it proves that your brain is still active, it’s telling you to not do stupid things, and you know what that implies — You are not dead yet, absolutely not.

I know you want to kill me first now, but we are not here to kill anyone today, we are here to prove that we are still alive.

Now the most important test, the best of em’ all

Proof 04: Share this article with at least 3 of your friends, colleagues or family members, so that they can test that they are alive too.

If you don’t share this post with others and help them out, you might not yet be physically dead my friend but you must be dead inside and that’s the worst kind of dead.

I know you won’t fall for the trap and simply enjoy this article alone, you are such a selfish homo sapien, but that’s alright, i am cool with it, because i am a little dead inside too.

Cheers to that first!

Now that you know, that you are not dead yet, don’t wait for it happen, do some shit and make your time on this planet count.

My suggestion — do epic shit, not literally though.

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