You can become a genius prodigy by simply following a set of habits, repeatedly! (Real Life Story)

Yes, at first this statement might sound like a t-shirt quote, which is very interesting and fun to read but in reality is far from being true.

But, let me tell you that, Being a genius only has to do with a certain set of habits and nothing more. And to prove my point, Let me tell you a real story — The story of The Polgar Sisters’.

László Polgár was a man who was confronted by a thought, that is it really possible to turn any ordinary child into a prodigy? And he very firmly believed that with right nurturing environment and education, it is truly possible to turn any ordinary kid into a genius.

László wanted to test his theories in real life on his own children's, and to do so, he was looking for a woman he could marry, have children with, and then eventually turn all of them into genius prodigies.

When he met an Ukrainian lady named Klara, he pitched his idea to her, and after a certain turn of events, they both married and had 3 daughters -Susan, Sofia and Judit Polgar.

László very firmly believed that “Hard work beats talent in the long run”, and so he chose to make her daughters the world’s best chess players in the world, simply by teaching them and guiding them since the intial days of their lives.

The home was a perfect setup for the experiment, the walls had posters of geniuses and grand masters all around, the home screamed chess from each and every corner. Chess was made an integral part of the girls lives since their very first day on this planet.

The results were astounding.

At the mere age of 5, Susan (the 1st daughter) started participating in the local chess events where most of the players were twice here age, and yet, Susan managed to decimate all her opponents by winning the tournament with a 10–0 score.

By the age of 15, Susan was termed as the world best chess player. Later, she went onto become the first women to qualify for the men’s world championship; by 1991 she was given the coveted title of a grand master and eventually she became the first ever women in history to win the Chess triple crown.

Sofia (The second daughter) during an 1989 event won an event with a score of 8.5 out of 10, the event had several other grand masters as participants and, Sofia was mere 14 years of age the time.

Then came, Judit (The 3rd Daughter) —Considered as the best ever female chess player in the entire history of the game.

She became the youngest player to break into the top 100 list at the age of 12 and then later became the fastest player ever to get to a grand master’s title both men and women combined, at the age of 15 yrs and 4 months.

She is the only women to win against the reigning number-1 player, and had successfully defeated almost every world champion — such as Vladimir Kramnik, Vishwanathan Anand, Anatoly Karpov and many more.

All three daughters of László and Klara were world chess prodigies. But, they were not borned as one.

László with his one of a kind experiment, proved to the whole world that with hard work, dedication and a perfect habit loop in place, anyone can be a genius.

The story of Polgar Sisters is unlike any, it has been a source of inspiration to many people around the world, and will always act like an exemplary case study to all those people, who simply keep blaming their lack of hard work for the failures in life.

Do let me know in the comments, what do you think of the Polgar sisters story?



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